How To Turn Your Hobbies Into Income

hpw to turn your hobbies into income


There is a need to improve your income but every business ideas is taken and you don’t like the options you have to pick from. Why waste your time on google when the answer is right in your hand. Not your phone, not the remote not even you laptop. I’m talking about your hobbies, that skill you learnt for the love of it and never saw it as a money source. Don’t get excited yet, you have some questions to answer.

First step to turning your income into hobbies is when you answer these questions and your answers make you smile.

  • can I monetize my hobby?
  • is there a market for it?
  • have the businesses in line with it thrived or failed? whether small scale or large scale?
  • what will it take to start it as a business?

This is but a few of the 101 questions you could ask yourself.

What next? 

If you are still reading, I am sure you loved the answers you got after some soul searching. What is the next step? By now I am sure we know that anything we put in our money  and time no matter how little in expectation of a return better known as profit is called a business. The next step is you making a survey on how you want to go about it. Let’s also understand that some hobbies only demands you to make people know the type of service you can render. I advice you start small, don’t be carried away by the success of businesses doing the same thing. There is no guaranty people would love what you are doing from the word go. They will get used to it gradually and love it.

Some marketing tips for you

My friend Lina is great with her hands. She could be making gift cards or kneading some beautiful baby sweaters. Allow me to say she is a craft goddess. All she did to market her products, was putting them on her facebook wall. From it is beautiful to can you make this for me. Lina is in business making money and spending little or nothing in marketing her product. Some of our best customers are not far away from us, they are very close in form of family, friends, neighbors and friends on social media. I know those adverts on facebook look beautiful and you want one of them. However trust me on this start with people around because they will sincerely spread the good news around.

Let me help you out a little bit

I tried so hard not to put ideas in your head, at this point you need help. Help with how to go about your hobby which you never saw it as a means of making money and someone which is me just told you you could. Here is what I will do. I will mention a few I know and give you guides on how to go about it.

  • Photography is my first pick because it’s one of the easiest you could make some extra income from. So you just love to take pictures and you are really good at it because friends have told you that. There are platforms online you could put your pictures and whenever anyone uses it, you get some money.  I once had interest on photography, doing my research I discovered all I needed for a start is a camera not a big fancy studio.
  • A very good painter you are, don’t hide yourself. Show the world what you got .Display your painting, there are platforms waiting for you and people that will hang it at home. Advertise your services in simple ways like making portraits. Everyone loves a painting or drawing of themselves, they just don’t know till they see it.
  • You have a thing for writing, be it poetry, short stories, articles on random inspiration. Like you know better. There are people hunting creative minds like yours to write for them. It feels great to be paid for doing what you love. They are doing you the favor right?turn your hobby to your income
  • The internet is like a toy to you. It works so well for you, you wonder why people can’t just figure out the online world. Your fan base is great, Let me put is this way, you are a social media celeb. So what if with all your followers you are not making a dime. People are paying to learn what you understood naturally and there are people making thousands of dollars as social media celebs. Well known as social media infleuncers. It’s about time you monetize that follow.
  • Why are you the only one wearing your designs? Make your friends wear them, force your best friend to rock an outfit you made just for her. Aren’t you confident in your designs? So what’s the timidity about it. Oh OK I understand your worry, the competition out there is crazy. To me that’s the advantage, you get to be unique in your way. That’s what fashion is all about. When you have build your confidence, then you can Register for a local fashion show if available. Perhaps you can take a bolder step put it online, yes you heard me right ONLINE.
  • I love the blanket on the end of the bed, the wool so soft and the pattern is amazing. What about the winter hat from last winter? it look great on you and I’m sure it will look great on every blond. But why isn’t this amazing knitting hobby giving you extra dollars. Some of the fastest selling products out there are hand made crafts. Buyers are constantly amazed with what others could do with their hands.
  • People love to eat and you love to cook. You can make some extra income from that kitchen of yours. I am not even close to being a professional baker, however I have made some extra money from baking. Because it is my hobby, I do it for fun and for cash too. Start a small catering business or service. Not everyone can afford the big names, you could be an angel to them. Constantly have growth in mind.

Hope you never assumed I would mention blogging? Blog post on blogging are strategy for making affiliate sales. Therefore making you believe blogging is the only way to make money online. I hate to break this to you but it’s just one of the thousands ways you can make money online. Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire, he is not a blogger he is an app developer. He created the world famous facebook. Don’t get me wrong you could make good money from blogging. But don’t waste your time doing what everyone is doing when you could be the next Gordon Ramsay or Buddy Valastro


No panic yet

You read this far and I didn’t mention your hobby or how to go about it. That’s because it is rare, unique and little number of people are into it as a business or an income source. The good news is, you can be the first. First to start something new, unique and rare. Still not sure if your hobby can bring you money, drop a comment to ask any question. If you are an attention seeker like me, you can go directly to my inbox and get special attention.  Here it is

your passion your money


Like the name of the blog, I try my best to give tips that will cost you little or nothing to implement. However you can gain from some or most of it. I know some online courses that are free that can boost you digital skills and grow your business.

  • Futurelearn
  • coursera
  • EDX

One more thing list your business on google business listing because it’s easy to find you online that way.

Another thing you can put your business out there in places like shopify.