4 Things You Need To Make Sales Online

4 Things You Need To Make Sales Online

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Every business owner is trying hard to make sales online. Small scale and large scale businesses are constantly putting their products online. The world is evolving really quick and the online world seems to be the gold mine now.

However, social media algorithm keeps changing and nothing seems easy anymore. Companies and brands with bigger money seem to be stealing the show by running ads for months. Then we have the bigger fragment putting in turns of work, reading every article and watching every YouTube videos on how to make sales online.

I have some good news for you. This post is not going to tell you the problem and ask you to subscribe or pay for the solution. Rather it will give you valuable solution that will yield results in a short while if taken seriously.

Anyone can make sales online

I repeat anyone can make sales online. How? I will be showing you that very soon. Why? because what I will be teaching doesn’t need a skill or some technical knowledge. It’s simply not rocket science and trust me you could get results in a few hours.

to make sales online is not rocket science

I’m about to open your eyes to what was right in front of you. However, you will see it differently. These four things you need to make sales online won’t cost you a penny trust me. Just a good amount of time, focus and consistency. Here we go…

1. A Landing Page

You need a landing page to make sales online. I hope you know what a landing page is but if you don’t this is what it means

What a landing page is

A landing page is a single webpage, created for the purpose of advertising and marketing. It’s not only for digital products but anything you want to sell and you want to get buyers online. Read more about what a landing page means here.

Why you need a Landing page

The simple reason you need a landing page is this, it allows you to directly link your sales page and I will show you how.

You can share your landing page on every social media, Isn’t that amazing. This post will teach you how.

Landing pages have high conversion. Not only are you selling products through it but you are building an email list of clients who want your product. Which in the future you can send new products directly to their inbox.

How to create a Landing Page with Convertkit

Convertkit is an email marketing service provider and I choose it for this tutorial for the following reasons.

  • The support is great. Convertkit has a prompt support system which solves any problem you encounter ASAP. Attached to this support is an amazing community, you can ask any question and someone will respond without hesitation.
  • Convertkit shows you how to boost your online marketing strategy. There are weekly webinars and emails teaching you how to create perfect landing pages, where and how to promote them. Convertkit helps you to be successful and I love them for that.
  • You can have products integration with your e-commerce shop on Convertkit.
  • There are so many designed templates to choose from and make your own. The easiest form I ever customized was on Convertkit and it came out good. Hence, it is user friendly.
  • You can go for a free account but say goodbye to automation and products integration.

For these reasons I choose Convertkit and you will be glad you did.

Let’s create a Landing Page now

STEP 1: Open an account with Convertkit. It is easy and takes only 2mins.

Once done with the process you will be directed to the homepage of your account.

STEP 2: Click on landing page. This will take you to where you will choose templates. Select products so you have a visual Landing page to show you products.

products template to make better sales online

Pick any but for this tutorial, I am selecting Madison. I repeat go for a template which suits your product.

It’s time to do some editing…

STEP 3: Customize the landing page to fit your business. Edit the text and replace the image. Say what you are selling and show it.

The menu on the left is where the settings of your landing page is. Insert your product page link where there is the mailbox symbol.

STEP 4: Once your landing page is ready click on save. Whenever, you want to share it click on the share button. Copy the link and share them on social media. That will be the next thing we will be diving into.

This is not so good I agree, however, I am not an online design expert and that’s why I love Convertkit because you will be thought how to create high engaging landing pages.

You need Facebook to make sales online

It’s not just Facebook you need but Facebook groups and market.

Now that your Landing page is ready, I will be showing you the different strategies to sell online using Facebook with or without a landing page, software or hardware products.

There is no hierarchy to this procedure whichever you try out first will definitely give you results.

use Facebook to make sales online

How to add your landing page to Facebook

Facebook allows you to put links in your normal post. Hence you create a post and insert the link directing to your landing page. However, if you want your clients to come outside your Facebook circle of friends then it’s time you join Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are gold mines for any online entrepreneur. You can sell software and hardware products all you need is to find a group or a market.

I advise you to sale your software products in a group and your hardware product such as craft, wears and appliances in the Facebook online market.

Don’t stress about how to find these groups, a matter of fact, unlike other social media, it is very easy to find groups on Facebook. Go to the search bar and type in “online market” within seconds you will see a lot to join. Do the same for finding groups.

Making sales online is very effective on Facebook.

However, if you think you need a more detailed guide, feel free to drop a comment and subscribe to my newsletter.

Twitter and Instagram is the next thing you need

No matter how low or high your followings are on Instagram and Twitter. They are another great platform for you to get buyers.

While twitter allows you to share links in tweets, Instagram works differently.

Hence, for instagram put the link to your Landing page in your bio. Create a post promoting your products and direct you audience to click on the link in your bio to make purchase.

These two social medias have simple but powerful tools such as hashtags and trending words. Which you can insert in your post to boost audience reach. Use them very well.

Repeat one and two over and over until you see results

Consistency is a key factor in being successful online. Keep finding more groups to share or promote your product, keep tweeting and reposting till you get the buyers coming after you.

Don’t get tired until you make enough sales to pay for a long time advertisement.

In Summary…

making sales online can be frustrating when you know you have great products and no one is seeing them. I have sold footwears on Facebook markets before and it only took 2 hours to get my first order. Hence whatever it is you are trying to sell online all you need is to locate where to get amazing yet cheap traffic. Which is only possible with social media and a good landing page.

I am here if you have any question or need more clarification. Just drop a comment and if you want to build a better relationship find me on Pinterest and Instagram

Do I need a website to make sales online?

A website serves many purposes and it is used by companies to put in more detail about their products. However, if you are just a small business startup trying to find buyers online then a Website is not what you need to make sales online. There are so many ways to make sales online I will advise you don’t including starting a website. Except if you have someone to manage it for you because it is a lot of work.

4 things you need to make sales online
making sales online just got easy

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