Simple Things You Should Not Be Frugal About

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Adopting a frugal lifestyle has become a modern way of managing finances. Families need to save more money, couples need to save more money and individuals need to save money too. There is no doubt this lifestyle has helped many become financially stable and are on the way to becoming financially free. If you have not started becoming frugal, you should consider it because there are a lot of things you can be frugal about.

Even though there is a good side and a bad side to everything today we will not be talking about either. However, we will be looking at the things you should not be frugal about. Those things that you should channel your resources into and you would not regret you did.

Do not be frugal about these things

If you want to be frugal in other to live below or within your means, you are doing the right thing. I cannot over emphasis it. However, there are some things you should not be cheap because it will cost you more later.

1. Do not be Frugal about your health

Health cut across a lot of things but for now, I am particular about your physical health.

I know you might be thinking about how it is possible to be cheap with one’s health well here are some ways…

  • Not having a yearly general checkup to be sure you are fine.
  • Thinking it is ok not to go for a dental checkup just to save some money.
  • Not eating right just to save. Which I will talk more about soon.
  • Working so hard to make money you forget how important rest is.
  • Not working out at least 3 times a week.

If you want to be frugal and do all of these things it is possible. I realize that it is possible to live a healthy life without having to break a bank. Hence, spend a little on all of these things and in the future find the best way to be frugal about them.

you do not have to be cheap about everything

2. Do not be cheap about food

I know this sounds contradictory to the so money article you have read about saving money on food. Plus all the tips on how to cut down how much you spend on groceries. Hear me out first.

Not being cheap or frugal about food does not mean you should not try to cut your expenses when you can on how much you spend on meals every week

It simply means not missing a meal just to be frugal or to save money. Or not eating healthily just to save extra money. You would be making a big mistake.

Do you want to save on how much you spend on food? Good! However, do not be TOO frugal.

Eat your three square meals and make sure you have a balanced diet. There is cheap food found everywhere with all the major nutrients you need. You can find a way of incorporating them into your meals.

Junk and all the snacks might not be as expensive as a good meal. However, you should find a way of eating good meals every day.

3. Personal Development

Personal development has to do with your growth and how valuable you are. This is you adding more value to the value you already have. It is how you remain relevant even when times change.

Are you up to date with how business work and the new part the career you chose is taking?

Your Personal development is how you stay relevant or become relevant which brings more money to you. Books are not that expensive, invest in some.

If you have to spend some money to learn a new skill to be more productive at work please do. You cannot know it all, hence, go to the experts.

Your business might be where it is because of you. Hence, do what you have to. Even if it means investing to learn how you can take your business to the next level.

4. Self-care

If you do not take care of yourself no one will. Is up to you to pamper yourself and be happy. Do the things that make you happy and do not be frugal about it.

Your self-care routine can be a lot of things like meditations and daily rituals that can keep you motivated and help you stay positive even in a difficult time. Like how I talked about it here.

If you have not seen a need to have a morning ritual as a self-care routine. I recommend you start and these cheap mind cards by LSW are perfect. There are gratitude cards, kindness cards, reflection cards, rituals, and journals. All in one place.

Your self-care routine might be a trip to the spa it must not be every week. However, twice a month will do just fine. You do not have to spend on all the services. But a good massage will go a long way helping you relax.

Find time to go for dinners with family and friends it must not be at home spend a little for a different environment and a good laugh. If you are being frugal about your self-care today your mental health can suffer tomorrow.

5. You should not be frugal about your mental health

Do whatever it takes to be healthy mentally and that is why you should not be cheap about it because your mental health affects your productivity. Without productivity, there is no progress in all you do.

If yoga relaxes you pay for a class. Just do it how you can afford it. Maybe twice a week or just once. Have a daily ritual that will not cost you much and I still recommend getting the LSW mind cards.

What if you need is a little rest from all the drama around. Not necessarily drama but just the stress of your daily routine. A two days weekend getaway will not hurt you.

Taking care of your mental health is a lot like your self-care routine. Hence, if you are taking care of yourself without been frugal, your mental health will be fine too.

In Conclusion…

To be frugal does not have to apply in every area of your life. No doubt is important to save money to put it into other important things. However, everything I just talked about is as important as the investments or business you want to start with the money you are saving.

If you do not pay attention to them it will cost you more in the future. It is okay to be selfish sometimes and remember I never recommend you spend without caution. Everything I have recommended you do is cheap. All I am saying is this, you do not have to be extremely cheap (cheapskate).

Life is too short and you only live once, hence, spend your money on things that matter, and these things matter. You really do not have to be frugal about everything.

you don't have to be frugal about everything.
things not to be frugal about
things not to be frugal about
thinks not to be frugal about
things not to be frugal about
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