How To Increase Productivity: 10 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

10 ways to increase your productivity

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Not figuring how to increase your productivity is the only thing standing between you and reaching your goals faster.

Whether you are just a small business owner, a school teacher, a work from home mama, or a secretary trying to improve efficiency at work. You need to be productive.

But don’t panic you are a read away from learning ways and methods to improve productivity.

Productivity can be increased by doing a lot of things. However, we should talk a little about something that aids productivity.

Be deliberate about improving your productivity

Becoming productive does not happen by chance. Your goals will not get achieved by you sitting and doing nothing. Your tasks won’t do themselves.

You have to deliberately try to increase your productivity. You have to wake up everyday with an aim and ways to reach it.

We live deliberate lifes every day. From choosing the food we eat, the cloths we were, the friends we make and even the career part we take.

So why can’t we do the same about the ways to increase productivity in our daily lives.

ways to increase your productivity

10 Practical ways to increase productivity

If you want to be productive the way you plan to increase your productivity has to be practical.

These are not just some random productivity improvement ideas but actionable plans. Things you can start right away.

These will require you to have some tools to increase productivity but they are things you already have.

Let’s get productive…

1. Set goals to increase your productivity

Setting goals is the number one key to improving productivity. It means you have your mind set on achieving something and you work towards it.

For the sake of Productivity in our context today we are talking about short term goals. Such as what you plan to do every day to improve efficiency at work, get more done with your daily task and business results you hope to get in 30 days.

How do I set goals?

This is easy, however, I have to warn you. Set goals that are realistic so you don’t get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.

Even though I work on a computer every day. I am the writing type. I always have books, jotter or journals where I write down my goals.

These includes daily, weekly and monthly goals. So to have a visual reminder of what I plan to achieve.

Hence, pick a paper, a journal, or whatever is convenient for you and that you can reach easily.

Start writing out your goals and the time frame you hope to see it actualized.

2. Having tasks are methods to increase productivity

The aim behind having tasks to do is to improve focus and productivity.

Now that you have your goals the next step forward is having an action plan and you can only take action when you have tasks to do.

It could be daily or weekly but with the purpose of seeing things getting done. Which in turn makes you productive.

Task are basically those little things you do which in the end paints bigger pictures.

Hence, you need to know exactly what are those little things you need to start doing.

How do I have tasks to do?

How to increase your productivity by giving yourself tasks to do. Starts from you knowing exactly what you need to do.

For instance, you own an Etsy shop and you set a weekly goal of selling 100 products. Which means you have to sell at least 13 products daily to reach your target.

This means your daily task will include you doing all the things possible to get your products sold. From creating more social media content and sending out emails. It doesn’t matter if in a day you sell 50 products.

What will matter in the end is that you achieved your goal by the end of the week. This is applicable to every work of life.

3. Always have a good sleep

One of the most effective tools to increase productivity is having a clear mind. And you can only achieve that when you are well rested.

For me personally, I find myself working faster, getting things done quickly and having new ideas when I’m well rested.

How can I have a good sleep?

You simply need to know how many hours your body needs to feel ok. As adults even though a good amount of sleep for us is between 7 to 9 hours. Some do feel ok with just 6 hours of good sleep.

For me, 7 hours of sleep is enough to keep me sound for a whole day. Till when next I see my bed.

4. Wake up early and be productive.

If you really want to increase your productivity then you must have an early start.

Yeah, you might not be a morning perosn. However, your business doesn’t care and things need to get done.

So go to sleep early, wake up early and be productive.

Do I really need to wake up early?

Yes you do because it gives you a head start. You get to plan your task for the day, see how much time they can take you.

Above all starting an early day helps you finish work on time and this give you time to eaither rest or do extra work.

5. Set reminders

To be productive it is very important to have reminders. We are humans and there are time we forget even the most important things.

Which is not a bad thing but it will cost you much. Imagine you forget sending an important email that will bring you your next client.

You won’t get a smack but you have lost some money.

When you get good sleep, have an early start then you will be able to know the tiny detail you are most likely to forget and set a reminder for it.

6. Register your goals and task in your subconscious

How I do this is by meditating on my goals and task. This is like setting a reminder using your brain.

Our minds are who we are as people. What we think and harnest in there is what we work towards.

Therefore, do not undermine the power of your mind because it helps with your productivity. Even better than a reminder.

Your mind is what helps you stay focus as an individual or a worker or a business owner. Therefore, it is a key factor to increase your productivity.

7. Stop procrastinating and increase your productivity

When you stop procrastinating you automatically increase your productivity.

Procrastination is when you keep shifting work to further time and you end up doing it late or never doing it.

Procrastination to me is the opposite of productivity. It robbs you of time and leaves you with regrets.

I have struggled with procrastinating and to be honest I sometimes still do. But not like before and it doesn’t affect me from getting work done.

An easy way to beat procrastination

If you can’t find a concrete reason like an urgent work that needs to be done ASAP to shift a task. Don’t say you will do it later.

8. You must have a life planner

Having a planner doesn’t mean you are not in control of your life. It simply means you want to be more in control.

This is one method of increasing productivity that not only helps you improve your productivity but organises your entire life.

There are countless ways to increase productivity and planning your entire life is one of that.

When you know what direction you are going, you know what way to go and actions to take. It is that simple.

I consider a life planner kit as a tool to increase productivity that is necessary. Time flies and you need to be accountable for it.

9. self-care

I am not surprised you are wondering what self-care got to do with increasing productivity.

However, if you have a little idea of what self-care is all about then you can see how it can improve your productivity.

Self-care routines includes doing things like journalling, meditating, walking, reading books, getting good sleep etc.

So tell me what better time can new ideas flow into your mine than at those few minutes of self-care.

Not to be selfish but if you are a woman reading this I’ve got 33 self-care tips for you. They will help you become a better you.

10. Staying focused will increase your productivity

Like I had mentioned from the beginning you have to be deliberate about being productive.

What this does is that it keeps you focused.

Remember you are trying to increase your productivity in other to get things done. Hence, staying focus is a mental tool for productivity.

Tools to increase productivity

Now that we are done talking about how to take your productivity to the next level.

We can look a tools that can boost your productivity.

  • Cell phone: Our cell phones or mobile phones are one of those things we carry with us everywhere. Make the best use of it by setting reminders on things you are most likely to forget. Or for every important thing.
  • Journals or notepads: If you love to write then you need a pen and something which you can use to write down any idea that flashes your mind. Journaling helps increase productivity hence, you need a journal.
  • An alarm clock: To be productive you need to wake up early and start getting things done. Your alarm could be a friend.
  • Human beings: No man is an island, therefore we have people around us that can help us stay productive.
  • A life planner kit: This is my favorite because it is a game changer. When you have a tool that can help you plan your whole life in one place without stress. The life planner kit is that tool for me. Get yours now and thank me later.
  • A self-care routine that clears your mind and gives you strength from within.

In conclusion…

How to increase your productivity depends on how seriously you take these productivity improvement ideas.

Becoming productive and staying productive doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be deliberate and focused. I mean there is no how you can be successful without focus.

Go to bed early, wake up early, set your goals, have tasks, beat procrastination, and have a productive life.

This is how I stay productive. I would like to know what other things you do that helps you be productivity.

10 ways to increase your productivity

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  1. I’ve started waking up at 5 a.m. consistently recently, and I’ve noticed a huge increase in my productivity! I love waking up early and getting stuff done before everyone else is up.

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