5 Easy Ways to Live a Debt-Free Life

live a debt-free life

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Having lived a debt-free life for almost a year now. I picked up some habits that have helped me stay that way. To live a debt-free lifestyle is possible but you must be committed to it.

In 2018 I was in so much debt, I didn’t see a way out. 80% of my income went to settling those debts and 20% couldn’t solve my basic needs. How I cleared the debt is something else and I will share a little on that before I tell you how to live a debt-free life yourself.

You can do it, just so you know. Every good thing needs practice and deliberate efforts.

How I cleared my debts

Living with debt is the most unwanted lifestyle anyone could ever ask of.

As I mentioned earlier 80% of my income went into settling debts. What I did with the 2O% was what got me out of debt.

Imagine not getting the best hair done or neglecting your pedicure and manicure. Not the best beautiful days of my life. Even my skincare was at the stack, oh! and I couldn’t even buy new outfits when I needed them not just for luxury. And the tips I would be sharing won’t ask you to look ugly ;).

After getting all the important luxury out of the way then I started using different methods of saving. This was a short time saving huge sums of money. And within six months I was over halfway settling my debts. In two months’ time after six months, I was living without debt.

Best feeling ever, I can’t explain it.

As soon as I was done clearing my debts and I could start having my pay in full. What I did help me live a debt-free life.

easy ways to live a debt free life

5 easy ways to live a debt-free life

The best thing about these easy debt-free living ways is this, I won’t be telling you precisely what to cut down or not. Since what is not important to me might be very important to you. However, these ways are going to direct you towards living your best life.

1. Don’t go back to your old life:

This does not necessarily mean a bad life. But could be some bad spending habits you need to stop. But it means having a different attitude toward spending and money. Do not treat money like what will last forever, rather as what comes and go. Therefore spend it wisely.

Change your attitude towards your personal finance and see if you are not grateful it pays off.

2. Live according to your income:

This applies to all your expenditure. Let’s look at basic things like housing, food, water, light, and health care. Have you ever looked keenly into your rent? Like how much does it take from your income monthly? If it’s a lot then your paycheck can’t afford that space. Living a debt-free life comes with some unlovable/difficult decisions. However, there is freedom in living a life of no debt.

3. Plan your expenditure and have a debt-free life:

If there is anything I learned about making money work for me is planning. When you sit down to make an “income plan” you find yourself able to account for every penny in a good way. When you plan you set your priorities straight and you won’t have to deal with spending on things that weren’t necessary at a moment. You would see that you could shift some expenditure to the next week or month. So things don’t get chocked up in one month. This is my number one strategy and it helped me save.

4. Have a budget and stick to it:

It might affect the quality of what you get, but be honest to yourself that’s the quality you can afford. Except for exceptional things that quality is the best then you need to plan better for such things and save to get the best. To be honest, it is challenging to stick to a budget, but some practice can help out. For instance, before I go shopping, I make a list with the prices on it. Then I go with the exact money I need. Well, everything has its disadvantages, but at least I didn’t end up buying stuff I don’t need because I had extra cash on me.

5. Save: The number one way to live a debt-free life

Saving money can never be overrated and I lack the words to overemphasis it. However, it is essential for living a debt-free life. It doesn’t have to be huge sums of money but little consistent sum. you could save daily, weekly, or monthly. For a project, an appliance, or end of year purchase. Or just for rainy days and I will always say my savings helped me live a debt-free life. Read how my savings saved me from debt.

Just this past Christmas my savings covered some Christmas expenditure. I had a wonderful time.

Saving are not for rainy days alone but for everyday

Broke Girls Get Fixed

Can we talk a little bit about saving?

I see saving money as the key to living without debt. However, you need to understand how.

See saving this way, you refused to spend 20 bucks yesterday though you wanted to. That thing was important but you waved it away. Today is a new day, something very very important came up and you were able to solve the problem. The 20 bucks you save on Monday helped you out on Tuesday.

My point is this, saving can safe you the moment after you saved. There are so many effective ways to save depending on what you plan to achieve. Read this, three ways to save your income that works.

When it comes to putting money away no amount is too big or small. I mean little drops of rain makes an ocean. Just make it a habit which grows to become a lifestyle.

No one ever regrets saving money. Not only is it your weapon to a debt-free life but a sure part to a financially secured future.

These are the simple ways I tried my best to live a debt-free life. How did you settle your debts and live debt-free?

5 easy way to live a debt free life
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5 ways to live debt-free
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