20 cheap ways to reward yourself

cheap ways to reward yourself

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You don’t have to do something big or achieve something remarkable before you reward yourself. Rewarding yourself should be something you practice quite often if I’m to be sincere with you. There are so many ways to reward yourself and the best part is it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

There are frugal ways to reward yourself and get the satisfaction you deserve of a reward and in a bit, we are going to be seeing these simple yet effective ways of self-reward. Hence, let’s look at what rewards are and ways to reward yourself that are frugal but satisfactory.

What is a Reward?

A reward is a thing given in recognition for service, effort or achievement defined by an online dictionary. This basically means that even for efforts reward should be given. This giving doesn’t start or stop at one person to another but even yourself.

Rewarding yourself is an act of self-care and should be practice with ease. Don’t feel like you don’t need that break from going to a spa to relax. Hence, give yourself that reward for your effort every day and for finally reaching that goal.

When do you reward yourself?

Typically rewards sound like a thing that should happen at the end of something. But in the real sense, it doesn’t have to be like that.

Rewarding yourself can be a motivation because sometimes we get overwhelmed or even burned out in the middle of trying to figure things out. Since the reward is another form of self-care take a break and reward yourself for trying every day.

You might not agree but the fact is not giving up but waking up every day to put in your best is a good enough effort and that needs to be rewarded.

In a nutshell, rewarding yourself doesn’t have to be the traditional way of doing it after reaching a goal. It can be whenever your mental health needs it.

What do you reward yourself with?

There are healthy ways to reward yourself that doesn’t include money or food and by healthy I mean your entire lifestyle.

These small rewards for yourself come in different ways, some you never thought could get you refreshed and the best part is they don’t cost you money.

Rewarding yourself doesn’t have to do with physical things like we’ve said. You don’t have to keep spending money and piling things you don’t need as rewards. Hence, let’s look at what rewards are and ways to reward yourself that are frugal but satisfactory.

10 cheap ways to reward yourself

There are so many ways to reward yourself. However, these rewards always seem to revolve around food and money. But this list is frugal and virtually everything here is cheap and doesn’t revolve around food or money.

1. Delegate a task

Hey perfectionist, I know you feel like if you don’t do it yourself the job won’t be perfectly done. However, it’s that time you let someone do it as a way of rewarding yourself. You have been doing it all the time so take a break and tell yourself well done for all the hard work.

And it’s okay to delegate a task, it won’t be as perfect as you do it. But that’s okay too.

2. Night off cooking

Tonight let someone make the dinner for you or have it delivered to you. This is not a food reward. A food reward is when you reward yourself with a snack or something. This is dinner we are talking about and it’s a necessary meal to take every day.

But you are in the kitchen every single night and it qualifies as work also. Hence, after a tiring day of doing so much work at work and crushing your goal. Not stressing in the kitchen sounds like a perfect reward.

3. Visit a Spa

A visit to a spa is an amazing reward if you don’t do it often due to your tight schedule. As a matter of fact, it is a necessity to get you relaxed and loosen does tight muscles.

It can be a solo trip or a spa day with the girls. Whichever way make sure you get that massage done one of these days because there is no reward that sounds perfect other than you pampering yourself.

4. Take a hot bath

For whatever frugal reason such as trying to reduce energy bills and water bills that made you not take a hot bath in a while. It’s about that time of the week you take one.

See it as a reward for being able to live within or below your means. Also, it’s a way to remind you not to forget the good things in life just because you are trying to save money badly.

5. Have a lazy lie in

I call this intentionally lazy and this is a perfect reward for decluttering. When you are done getting your space to look more like you own it and you smell the fresh air from every angle. A lazy lie-in on those clean sheets sounds relaxing and rewarding. What do you think?

Even if you haven’t thought about it as a reward now you know it is a perfect reward. These can be for people who are too busy trying to get the house comfortable for everyone and forget to enjoy it themselves.

6. Talk a walk

Taking a walk is not only healthy but relaxing. It can be a perfect time to meditate, think, reflect and talk to yourself. To be honest, taking a walk might be all that you need to get that stress off your shoulders.

Talk a wall in the evening when the sun is about to set and the weather is starting to chile. You don’t have to take it with anyone. Just you and yourself.

7. Watch a Movie

I don’t know what type of movie is your thing, but to reward yourself with watching a movie choose what relaxes you. I won’t recommend an action movie or a crime thriller where you are trying hard to put the pieces together. That will be you working your brain.

I always choose comedy to make me laugh and forget I still got work tomorrow. Always reward yourself with what will feel rewarding at the end of the day.

8. Start a new hobby

Starting a hobby might sound like work but no it’s not. This time you are doing something you have been wanting to start not for the income and there are no deadlines attached to it.

This hobby could be writing, crafting, knitting or making fun videos to put on TikTok or Youtube when you have spare time.

9. Fun Time

Have a game night with friends or family, rather than trying to go to bed early so you can get to work early. Give yourself a slack which sounds like a perfect reward for a workaholic.

10. Take a day off

Any time you find yourself finishing a job before the deadline and getting a project done on time giving you time to start a new one. Taking a day off sounds like a perfect reward. Instead of starting a new project or setting more goals celebrate this goal by giving yourself a break.

In Conclusion…

Rewarding yourself is a perfect way to tell yourself thank you for all the hard work you’ve been putting in every day without literally buying yourself a thank you gift. As I said from the beginning it must not be that you achieved something big before you reward yourself.

These ways to reward yourself as you can see is very practical and frugal and can be done easily every single day if you wish to. Reward yourself today or the next time you achieve that tiny insignificant goal.

cheap ways to reward yourself
ways to reward yourself that doesn't involve money or food
cheap ways to reward yourself
cheap ways to reward yourself
frugal living tips. 10 cheap ways to reward yourself

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