When Tight on Money do These Simple Things

when tight on money things to do

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Being tight on money, every now and then or before the month’s end is nothing new if like me you are still trying to gain some financial stability. Sometimes if not being careful you might even run out of money before the month’s end. The good news is running out of money can be avoided and the physical and emotional stress of not having enough money can be reduced with the simple things I’m about to share with you.

This is a short read that will show you some practical money management tricks to keep you afloat before the next paycheck. You can try them right away and feel relieved instantly. Money insecurity doesn’t feel good at all, you must try by all means to avoid it.

when tight on money do these things to reduce your money stress and re-strategies

Tight on Money? 4 things to help you

When tight on money do things that will help you spend less money and I’ll be showing you some practical things you can do that will help you manage what you already have and not get frustrated.

The aim is to always avoid spending prompts and you will be seeing just how to do that. Please pay attention to every little detail am about to share.

Spend less time on social media

Social media is the new online store and if you are tight on money you might want to take avoiding it seriously. You might be wondering how social media is now a problem and how cutting it down will help you out financially. The good news is I’m about to open your eyes to the why and how.

Over the years digital marketing has changed. The more social media is coming popular, accepted, enjoyed and used by people of different works of life and status quo. Social media platforms have become the new market for both offline and online businesses. The simple reason is this, people spend a lot of time on social media. Platforms like Facebook have over 2 billion users. The idea is to take the market online since a lot of people spend a lot of time online.

Social media/digital marketing gave birth to ads. And these Ads are targeted. Therefore, you are most likely going to see at least 5 sponsored posts on Facebook or Instagram. Out of these 5 sponsored posts (ads), at least 3 are products you need.

All of which are spending prompts. You either end up shopping with the money you don’t have, the little you have or feeling emotionally drained because your needs are passing you by and you can’t afford them at the moment. I’ve been in this situation many times but decided things are going to change. When I’m tight on money social media is a no go area for me.

It’s crazy how you would see ads on something you just taught of getting the previous day right in front of you. Worst-case scenario if you did some google search. Be rest assured these products will keep flashing at your face till you buy them or go offline. The better option is to go offline since you are tight on money.

Try a no-spend challenge

A no-spend challenge is definitely a must-do when the cash you have is low. This challenge is really more simple than we think. The idea behind it is to help with money management and the ultimate which is to help you save money.

However, doing a no-spend challenge when you are tight on money is going to increase the life=span of the money you have. And how is that going to happen? It’s really simple just pay attention.

How it works

1. Do a no-spend for the things you consume every day that is a need or might look like a need but you can survive many days without it.

For instance, you buy lunch every day at work. Instead of buying lunch this week how about taking lunch from home. You’ve already shopped groceries at home and here you are spending $10 to $15 on lunch every day. When you can use what you already have at home and save that $50 to put towards unavoidable expenses.

2. Do a no-spend on grocery shopping. Food wastage often happens as a result of us not eating what we already have in the refrigerator. We often buy food we end up not eating.

This time around discipline yourself to eat what you already have. Rather than satisfying your cravings all the time. You already have carrots and beef but for some reason, you don’t feel like having them for dinner. Then you go out and get that salmon. What a waste and lack of spending consciousness.

Hence, a no-spend on groceries until you eat what you have is a win when you don’t have much money.

You can do a no-spend for coffee, ice cream, fast food, you name all the things you have formed the habit of consuming every day. Mine are biscuits and anytime I do a no spend on them I have more money on me.

Turn down hangout invitations

A little hangout with the guys or ladies is a need to help you relax. However, is not free and doesn’t come cheap a lot of times. So cutting it down, retiring earlier than usual, or cutting it off completely will go a long way in helping you not to run out of cash until the next paycheck arrives.

By cutting it down you reduce the number of times it happens. If it’s an everyday something cut it down to twice a week. Remember these are temporary precautions while you are working on your financial stability. These tips are to help you stay afloat for a period of time it is not intended to ruin your social life.

Reducing how long you stay out reduces how the amount of money you might end up spending on drinks. And cutting off completely means you have a saved $100 that can be channelled to other expenses.

Always go shopping with a list

This hack is simple and direct. Make a list before you go out for any type of shopping, especially groceries. That extra $30 you might end up spending on the items you think you need but don’t. Will go a long way to help you with other needs.

The dangers of shopping without a list is simple. You can end up forgetting the most important things that took you out in the first place. Or end up buying what’s not on the list which at the moment is not a priority. Spending money on things you don’t need at any given time will only worsen your situation physically and mentally. Financial stress(money insecurity) doesn’t feel good at all so you must try by all means to avoid it.

Which will you try when next you are tight on money?

I know you are working hard towards gaining financial freedom but until you achieve your goals you will have some money ups and downs. Which is totally fine. However, you can make it a priority to see what you currently have in terms of money work for.

So that even when you are tight on money you see yourself more in control than frustrated. Personally, number one and two has been my favourite but I use every tip I just shared with you. I would like to know which one you are excited about giving a try. Please drop a comment and I’ll be a reply away.

tight on money? do these simple things
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