10 Easy DIY Beauty Tips For Frugal Women

DIY beauty tips for women

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It’s a new year, you want to take your personal finances seriously. You need to save, pay off debts, and still be able to look beautiful. As ladies looking good is a must and there is no compromise to it. You are wondering how am I going to pull it off. There are easy DIY beauty tips and routines that will save you money and allow you to look your best even when your income is not the best yet.

These DIY beauty tips are beauty routines you know but always feel it has to be done for you by a pro. Well, if you want to save some money, pay off debts and still glow then you must consider doing these things for yourself.

You don’t have to be a frugal woman before you do some of these things. I do these beauty routines for myself even at times that I could afford a pro.

Hence, these beauty tips for women are for the everyday girl who wants to be frugal and still glow.

DIY beauty tips for women

10 DIY Beauty tips you need to know

Remember I said these are not some new DIY beauty tips you haven’t heard of or haven’t been doing them. However, this is like a reminder to you that you can do it to save money too when things get tight.

By the time you do these beauty routines yourself and realized how much money you saved. You would be glad you did.

1. Doing your manicure

I hope the word pedicure doesn’t sound like you have to do the tough stuff when it comes to making your hands look gorgeous.

These beauty routines involve you doing simple things like fixing your nails, painting your nails, applying hand scrubs, and other treatments.

My focus here is on getting your nails done. All you need are nails and a good abrasive that can hold for two weeks.

Some nails come in colors you already love or you can paint them. You can watch this video and see how easy it is.

2. Doing your Pedicure

Though our feet might look protected because it is always in things like shoes, It gets dirty really fast. We might not notice it on time.

You don’t have to wait till you have time or money to visit a beauty parlor to get it cleaned up and looking good.

Simply buy all the things you need or see the experts use and get down to work on your legs.

Personally, this is one DIY beauty tip I never forget to practice. Manicures are expensive and I need to save as a frugal lady. Doing it for myself has really helped me cut down my expenses when it comes to beauty routines.

3. Skin treatment beauty tips

DIY skincare routines are my favorite. That’s because I love to be in control of things like these and save money too.

You really don’t have to go to a spa before you get a good glowing skin.

This means you looking up some DIY natural beauty products. Some you can make or buy. Which is cheaper than the expensive chemical-filled products you find in stores.

Skincare tips for women never stop trending. Hence, find what works for you, have a skincare routine that works for you, and stick to it.

4. Hair treatment

I am not talking about the daily and simple hair care tips of washing hair with shampoo and applying conditioner.

These diy beauty tip involves you trying to fix your damaged hair, grow your scanty hair and edges without need a pro.

You would treat your hair weekly from breakage all by yourself and even go the extra mile of making your own DIY homemade hair products.

5. DIY homemade hair product

What I love about DIY homemade hair products it this, you can make them with things you already have at home.

Things like eggs, olive oil, carrot oil, bananas, avocado, coconut oil, and the list can go on.

I am growing my hair natural and the best thing that happened to me is using homemade products I don’t have to spend extra money getting them. They are literally on the grocery list already.

6. DIY homemade skin care products

Homemade skin care products are mostly made from essential oils too which are not very expensive.

And a combination of the best and good quality oil is all you need to keep your skin glowing.

Not every oil is for skin perhaps you have to know your skin type and what oil works best for it.

These include making A DIY natural face mask with foods you already have in your pantry or fridge.

There are so many DIY homemade skin products that gives perfect result you can try.

7. Getting your hair styled

Maybe you don’t know but must times all you really need to get your hair styled and still look amazing is a stretcher and some rollers.

Or just a three minutes video on youtube and you are set.

Using myself as an example is easy because I do all this beauty routines for myself. I had times when my finances were shitty and I had to find a way around looking my best while being broke.

Hence, learn how to style your hair the way you would love it. Get the products you need to make it happen and see how much you save anytime you do not pay for your hair.

8. Eating healthily

Eating healthily is an awesome beauty tip for women we often neglect.

This is not some usual be on a diet type of tip. This is you trying to eat the type of food that helps our skin and hair.

As women, we need a lot of good vitamins like biotin and it can be found in food such as egg yolks, cauliflower, mushroom, nuts and nuts butter, leafy green veggies, and organ meats.

However, feel free to get those expensive supplements that can give you all that. But since you are reading this I believe you want the cheap way.

The cheap way doesn’t mean less effective. It simply means getting food that can provide you with all that.

9. Exercising

Exercising is not only one of my best female health tips but also DIY beauty tips.

Exercise is done for a lot of things and beauty is one of them. While exercising you sweat which is good for your skin.

Another thing is we have unique body shapes and curves as women. Exercise helps us tone them out and keep fit.

Always remember that exercising is not always only for weight loss it has other important benefits to women’s beauty.

I always recommend exercise in any frugal health tip I give.

10. Selfcare beauty routines

Selfcare means a lot of things to different people and various self care routines for different purposes.

However, there are self-care routines that are geared towards women’s beauty and you can always include them in your frugal beauty routine.

Yoga is one of the most popular and though having an instructor might be more effective. But to be frugal about it you don’t need one.

Some online videos can set you up for a start.

Self-care beauty tips are in different forms and they are perfect DIY beauty tips too.

To conclude these DIY beauty tips…

There are many DIY beauty tips you can practice or put in your daily beauty routine, that will save you money and help you live your best frugal life.

Make your own hair products, skin products, cosmetics, exercise, eat healthily, and practice self-care.

They are also easy to practice so you have no excuse not to look good even when your finances are not doing good.

diy beauty tips for frugal women
DIY beauty tips for frugal women
diy beauty tips for frugal women
diy beauty tips for frugal woman
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frugal beauty tips for everyday women

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